Shamrock Shake as well as Mexican Dogs like Guacamole

June 14, 2022

I was quite hungry around 1:30pm as well as chose to make my craving – a Shamrock Shake(source)

I don’t necessarily like Shamrock Shakes as much as understanding I can’t have one makes me want one (Lent as well as Shamrock shake season always collide). Plus, I don’t truly “get” sucking a thick shake with a straw . I’m much more of a scoop girl.
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So today I made a homemade Shamrock Shake with a bit additional Leprechaun love.

And by Leprechaun like I mean, peppermint extract.

ShamRock Shake Recipe:

1 serving vanilla protein powder


1/2 banana

handful spinach

1/8 tsp peppermint Extract

Blanding. Stick a eco-friendly straw in it. Spike with Bailey’s Irish Crème . Drikke.

I ended up putting it in a bowl with granola. So so good.

After the rain died down a bit Ben as well as I headed to my parent’s house.

And in honor of St. Patrick’s Day we ate Irish food GUACAMOLE!

My mother had leftover enchilada casserole as well as I served it up with over simple eggs for Ben. This is likewise the very best method to eat tamales.

I put mine on a salad with tons of guac. I told you we had a ton of ripe avocados to eat! I’ve accepted that difficulty

The other day I provided an practically empty PB jar to my dogs as well as they didn’t want it. I believed all dogs like peanut butter?!?! My Mexican dogs do not.

I provided them some tonight to demonstrate:

They just stared at it, then me, then the PB again. Finally, Bailey just laid down.

Then, I provided them a spoon with guacamole as well as It.Was.On.

Clean guacamole spoon, untouched PB spoon

Question: Do you have Guacarexia?!

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